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Academia RomanaABILITARE - Dr. Mihaiela ILIESCU
(domeniul Inginerie mecanică, Mecatronică şi Robotică)


  1. Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Mechanical Characteristics of an Important Composite Material
  2. Modeling and Controlling of Machining Forces when Milling Polymeric Composites
  3. Quality Assurance Solutions for Monitoring and Control Software Systems of Electrical Substations
  4. Applied Finite Element Method Simulation in 3D Printing
  5. Statistic Models of Cutting Tool Durability Function in Turning 40C130 Thermal Spray Coatings
  6. Importance of Rapid Prototyping to Product Design
  7. Simulation of 20MoCr130 Steel Drilling Process and Some Mathematical Models Determined
  8. Relevant Aspects When Developing A New Customized Product – Marble And Granite CNC Bevelling Machine
  9. Developing and 3D Prototyping of a Customized Device for CNC Laser Micro-Machining
  10. Machining Force Regression Models and Real Time Control when Turning MET4 Metallized Coating
  11. Management of Uncertainty Evaluation Process in Calibrating a Force Measuring Device
  12. Flexible Robotic Cell for Optimization of Grinding Process for 40c130 Metallized Coating
  13. Distributed Control System for Machining Process Optimization in Drilling Mineral Composites Reinforced by 3% Glass Fibers
  14. Multi-Axes Mechatronic System for Printing Ultrathin Layers of Perovskite Solar Cells - Prototype design and manufacture
  15. Tehnologii de Fabricare a Componentelor Mecanice ale Roboţilor Industriali - Elemente Fundamentale



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