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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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Volume 13, Issue 1 January - April 2011


  • Paul Gagniuc, Dănuț Cimponeriu, Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște, Cristian Guja, Pompilia Apostol, Monica Stavarachi and Lucian Gavrilă, Genomin: a software framework for reading genomic signals (...)


  • Costin Cernescu, Predictive biomarkers of antiviral treatment outcome in HCV infection (...)

  • Eric J. Kremer, How do pathogens reach the CNS? Receptor engagement and axonal transport of an adenovirus (...)
    Conferences: Virology and molecular medicine session Bucharest, March 30, 2011
  • Amos Panet, Development of oncolytic viruses against solid tumors (...)
    Conferences: Translational medicine and genomics session Bucharest, March 31, 2011
  • Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște, Searching the primary cause of diabetes (...)
    Conferences: Translational medicine and cell therapy session Bucharest, April 1st, 2011


  • Haralambie Savu, The triassic continental basaltic rocks from North Dobrogea, Romania - an example of WPB to MORB transitional magmatic rocks (...)


  • Haralambie Savu, Dyke rocks related to the granitoid plutons from the South Carpathian granitoid province, Romania (...)


  • Voichița Timiș and Ionel Popa, Spatial variability of dendrochronological series from Rodna Mountains (Eastern Carpathians - Romania) (...)
  • Ligia Ion, D. Hoza, A. Peticila, A. Asanica, C. Moale, F. Ciomaga and M. Diaconescu, Breeding for resistance to (Venturia inaequalis) in some romanian apples progenies (...)
  • Nicu Marcu, Flaviu Meghisan and Georgeta-Madalina Meghisan, Marketing study on food products distributed under the trademark of large commercial areas (...)

  • Claudia E. Budu and Marian Ianculescu, Fir bark (Abies alba mill.) lectin is an inhibitor of fir peroxidase “in vitro” (...)

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copyright © Academia Română 2006