Sections of the Academy President

Philology and Literature Acad. Eugen Simion

Historical Sciences and Archaeology Acad. Dan Berindei

Mathematical Sciences Acad. Viorel Barbu
Acad. Romulus Cristescu (honorary president)

Physical Sciences Acad. Nicolae Victor Zamfir

Chemical Sciences Acad. Marius Andruh

Biological Sciences Acad. Maya Simionescu

Geonomical Sciences Acad. Nicolae Panin

Engineering Sciences Acad. Dorel Banabic

Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Acad. Cristian Hera

Medical Sciences Acad. Victor Voicu

Economic, Law, and Sociological Sciences Acad. Mugur Isărescu
Acad. Tudorel Postolache (honorary president)

Philosophical,Theological, Psychological, and Pedagogical Sciences Acad. Alexandru Surdu

Arts, Architecture, and Audio-Visual Acad. Răzvan Theodorescu

Information Science and Technology Acad. Florin Gheorghe Filip ( )



Iasi Branch Prof. dr. Mihail Voicu (interim)
corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
  Iaşi, Bdul. Carol I nr. 8
cod 700505
Tel:0232/21 11 50, Fax:0232/21 11 50
    Email: arfi_secretariat_stiintific@yahoo.com
Web: http://home.acadiasi.ro/ro

Cluj-Napoca Branch Acad. Emil Burzo
  Cluj-Napoca, Str. Republicii nr. 9
cod 400015
Tel:0264/59 23 63, Fax:0264/59 68 89

Timisoara Branch Acad. Păun Ion Otiman
  Timişoara, Bdul Mihai Viteazul nr. 24
cod 300223
Tel:0256/49 18 16, Fax:0256/49 18 16
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